A sale. A challenge. A new blog. A freebie!

Wohoo! pcLayers finally has a blog! I'm soooo excited I can't even tell you. Oh, wait, I am. But I'm still really excited. And there's a great freebie hint, hint, wink, wink, from a cute QP that I made of my niece and sil from Deena Rutter's Feelin' Groovy kit, which coincidentally is on sale right now. It's a steal; you should for sure go check them out, there are 6 different kits for $6.36 each! And they are CUTE! Three of my most favorite kits are on sale! But hurry, the sale only lasts till March 6th.
And also be sure to head on over to Method Playground to give their challenge a try! They've got some great prizes too (including pcLayers purse money, and Teresa Collins product)! It's all about hand cutting on your layout; check out their blog for more great details. They've got some WAY cute layouts up already for inspiration.


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well, not really. But I'm sharing a sneak peek of my studio for my Chicago buddy Sara (hi!) who has been requesting photos of my progress! So here we go. I realized that I could probably paint the exact same light I'd bought at Lowe's for my entry with some paint. Oh, but not just any paint. It most definitely HAD to be tiffany blue. I started on this project at the very end of last year, and finally found someone at my favorite Lowe's who could match the color in oil paint. Riverton's Lowes has the most helpful staff ever - yes; I do have a favorite hardware store! And! He took one look at my tiny color sample bag, and said, "oh! not just any blue, yeah no wonder you couldn't find it in a spray paint." Bless him. I love how it turned out, but will warn you if you are considering the endeavor; pick a color that comes in spray paint! It took me 3 days to paint it all by hand with an old sable brush. And yes; it was completely worth it.


Freebie - 3 Cardboard Alphabets!

I've really, really been in the mood for spring, to say the least, and for some reason this morning spring felt like it should be 3 cardboard alphas. I have no idea why, but there you have it. Maybe I think of spring when I smell cardboard and remember all those years as a kid moving (my dad was an Army officer - we moved just about every other summer), and building cardboard castles out in the yard and anywhere we could fit them in the house and crawling all around. Moving's not quite as fun when you get older. ;)

Make sure you check out the Audrey QP sale; it ends next week!


My big surprise....

So I came home from my trip to CHA in California to a huge surprise. My dh had moved ALL our furniture from our old house to our new one! AND decorated and arranged it all (I know that may sound scary, but he knew where I wanted everything - he's been asking for months, and has a good eye). It was the coolest thing to walk into your house and then think you were in the wrong house (it looked like a magazine), and realize it's your house. I am SOOO glad not to still be sleeping on the floor!!! He did an awesome job. He even got flowers for the table which went perfectly with the Red Velvet valentines day cake I hand carried home from a specialty bakery in CA. That cake is just about the reddest thing I've ever seen in my life. I have to include a close up just to show how magnificent it is! Hope you and yours had a great Valentine's Day too!


8 hour work day; 9 hour commute!

Wow! I almost slept in the Thanksgiving Point movie theater last night! Utah was sooo snowed in that I left work at 4pm and didn't get home till just after midnight. THe roads were so bad that they closed a few of them so I couldn't even get to a friend's house, and of course I was running low on gas, so I decided to pull off the freeway (I was only.5 miles away from the nearest exit which happened to have a gas station), 45 minutes later, I still wasn't there! There was a movie theater right by the gas station, so I drove up there next (30 minute drive), and sat and watched movies with all the other stranded people until the roads opened up. I brought in blankets from the car, and some other lady had a sheet set from bed bath and beyond, so she opened that up. And of course everyone is trying to call everyone else so all the phone lines were jammed. And the lights were blinking on and off. Creepy. Oh, and the wind was so strong and the roads so icy that it literally blew my car off the road. That's when I made the decision to hand out in the movie theater. Glad to be home.


Freebie - Brushes for Valentine's Day

A bunch of fun free digital scrapbooking brushes perfect for Valentine's Day! They look especially cute with glittery layer styles over the top. I'll be adding a video tutorial using the Audrey glitter soon to show you just how easy it is! Enjoy!


OH, the drama!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog about my images not working! Dang free google pages hosting services! I noticed it too *gasp!* right as I had to leave work to go set up for the BYU Illustration Alumni show (YIKES), and I freaked out. I'm such a visual person that the mere thought of my precious blog not having images for the next 4 hours made me cringe! So, many, many, many thanks to dh who was sweet enough to fix it all for me while I was running like a crazy person through Costco (completely in tears, of course) trying to get everything bought and set up for 120+ people coming to the 40+ illustrator reception/show. Whew. It all went well, but oh the insanity factor of trying to be Martha.

PS You should know that in dh's "avatar" on his blog he appears to be the uber rich, Warren Buffet. I assure you that he's not. Otherwise I would have hired a caterer. ;)


Freebie - Audrey Mini Kit Add On

Super cute freebie add ons to your Audrey kit to make it even more "Valentine-y." There's two digital brushes (also saved out as .png files), four curly ribbons, and four full 12x12 inch 300dpi digital papers ready for you to play with!

Hey! Comment #9 "anonymous" with the 2ct emerald ring! You won the drawing by the random number generator! Contact me at nataliemalan(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize!!! Congratulations!

Oh! And this also marks the beginning of our scavenger hunt! Yay! So be sure to check out these great blogs for some more fun Valentines Day digital scrapbooking freebies:
Deena Rutter
Celeste Rockwood-Jones
Becky Olsen
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