OH, the drama!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog about my images not working! Dang free google pages hosting services! I noticed it too *gasp!* right as I had to leave work to go set up for the BYU Illustration Alumni show (YIKES), and I freaked out. I'm such a visual person that the mere thought of my precious blog not having images for the next 4 hours made me cringe! So, many, many, many thanks to dh who was sweet enough to fix it all for me while I was running like a crazy person through Costco (completely in tears, of course) trying to get everything bought and set up for 120+ people coming to the 40+ illustrator reception/show. Whew. It all went well, but oh the insanity factor of trying to be Martha.

PS You should know that in dh's "avatar" on his blog he appears to be the uber rich, Warren Buffet. I assure you that he's not. Otherwise I would have hired a caterer. ;)

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Glad your event went well, why oh why do we have to try and live up to Martha??? Hmmm maybe because we LOVE the way her things look??? lol Which I am sure your setup was FABULOUS!


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