sharing is a good thing - right?

We've recently discovered the plethora of baby shows on you tube, which means mom's computer is now also Penny's computer. But at least I know my numbers. Just 1-5 though. Thank goodness the music is pleasant. What do you do to entertain your kids while you work?

The pic above shows the Provo Craft Mother's Day cartridge that I designed (since the one I'm working on right now is still under wraps). Please note; this is MY version of it - not their edited and corrected version! Here's their spiffed up final version:
I can't wait to start making some more pretty garlands. I used this cart on my Easter garland (which I never posted........I will have to look for those photos). And the cartridge I'm working on today will be great fun when she gets just a little bit bigger.


beautiful sundays

My favorite kind. Luckily, most of our days start off just like this.


A Life Crocheted

I just had to share these absolutely delightful slippers (and hats!) made by a former bookbinding student of mine, Bonny Smith of "A Life Crocheted." Penelope gets so many compliments on hers, that I decided it was about time I shared my secret.

Bonny has quite the selection of baby beanies and slippers, and even recently released a new line of women's felted slippers just in time for Mother's Day! How cute are they?! Order from her Etsy shop by April 30th for delivery by May 9th! Aren't they charming? I especially love all the pretty little details in the buttons. {And a little birdie told me that she sends you a 15% off coupon code for your second order.}

Love to crochet? Good news! She also has the pattern listed for sale in her etsy store. Be sure to follow her on Twitter, and Ravelry for more updates and inspiring projects.
Penelope's been wearing her darling crocheted baby beanies since she was a wee little one. They're super soft, and she's never tried to pull them off. In fact, I have to hide them from her sticky little hands because she loves putting them on so much. I'm particularly in love with the colors she offers; they've coordinated with all her little outfits beautifully. But I will admit, the apple green one is still my personal favorite.



Not too much scrapbooking going on at my house lately, but tons of crafting, and a pinch of remodeling, and lots of designing. It's been crazy. DH is finishing the last room in our house for my office, which means I had to clean it out. Yikes. Why is it that if you happen to have a storage room, it must fill up with random things?!

But I wanted to show you the adorable headbands that my cute neighbor friend inspired us to make today. My self inflicted rule was I wasn't allowed to buy a thing for it; and had to use only things I had laying around. It's a perfect project to use up lots and lots of tiny pieces of fabric and felt that are too yummy to throw out. And those little birdy earrings? Inspired by this amazing designer friend, and created with this talented one.

PS did you all know it's ridiculously hard to take a photo of the side of your head?! I had no idea.


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