sharing is a good thing - right?

We've recently discovered the plethora of baby shows on you tube, which means mom's computer is now also Penny's computer. But at least I know my numbers. Just 1-5 though. Thank goodness the music is pleasant. What do you do to entertain your kids while you work?

The pic above shows the Provo Craft Mother's Day cartridge that I designed (since the one I'm working on right now is still under wraps). Please note; this is MY version of it - not their edited and corrected version! Here's their spiffed up final version:
I can't wait to start making some more pretty garlands. I used this cart on my Easter garland (which I never posted........I will have to look for those photos). And the cartridge I'm working on today will be great fun when she gets just a little bit bigger.

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Beverly said...

this looks wonderful. had no idea you made these. so creative!


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