Not too much scrapbooking going on at my house lately, but tons of crafting, and a pinch of remodeling, and lots of designing. It's been crazy. DH is finishing the last room in our house for my office, which means I had to clean it out. Yikes. Why is it that if you happen to have a storage room, it must fill up with random things?!

But I wanted to show you the adorable headbands that my cute neighbor friend inspired us to make today. My self inflicted rule was I wasn't allowed to buy a thing for it; and had to use only things I had laying around. It's a perfect project to use up lots and lots of tiny pieces of fabric and felt that are too yummy to throw out. And those little birdy earrings? Inspired by this amazing designer friend, and created with this talented one.

PS did you all know it's ridiculously hard to take a photo of the side of your head?! I had no idea.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, can i just steal some of your cuteness? LOVE the headband! and the photo! lucky for us you figured out how to take a pic of the side of your head. and i can't believe you made those earrings! they look just like mine! i need a lesson. i wear my version so frequently i'm sure DH is sick of them, but oh how i'd love them in another color!!

Katie said...

You should really think about selling your headbands...they are so cute! I absolutely love the felt and fabric you used


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