She's here!!!!

Everything went great, and soo much better than I ever hoped. I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane though when I went in to get on the operating table. Now she only needs a name!!! And she does have tons of hair, and even came out with a bow. hahahahah.


Born 4:56pm 3/9/09, 6 pounds 7 ounces, plenty of hair, but no name yet.

40 weeks, and off to the hospital!

I noticed on my phone this morning that I had a call at 5am. That's unusual for me. I don't take calls till after 9 (or 830 if you are a friend or family). Turns out they wanted to reschedule my C-section time. Whoops. But they moved it back to my original time. David came home and we took a couple more pics, and now we're off!


A winner! and a baby date!

And the winner picked by the random number generator is:

Comment #2! By Kelsey!

"My little one isn't born yet, but my favorite baby item so far is the mobile that I'm sewing. I'm sewing little felt animals that are native to this area and it's turning out very cute!"

Kelsey, I bet your mobile is adorable! I'd love to see it when you get it all done! Be sure to click on the contact button to the left to email me to claim your prize!

I agree with Michelle's comment about the minivac; got DH one a year ago, and I'm pretty sure it's his favorite "appliance" - if you can call it that.

And the big news with our family is that we found out baby M is not interested in flipping over (still breech!), so she's scheduled to make her grand appearance on Monday evening via Csection! Wish us luck! I have butterflies in my stomach. Or maybe those are hiccups....


fleur playmat + pillow! and Giveaway!

It's a......... playmat!!! Mine is not as darling as the original with it's cute pink cheeks and eyes, but my Heather Bailey "Pop Garden" fabrics were sooo bright and striking that I had a hard time finding coordinating pieces for my cheeks. Ah, maybe someday, but for now, I love it just how it is. It looks just like a huge beautiful flower.
I had been looking forever for a cute rug for her room. Didn't even cross my mind to make one until I was surfing around on blogs, and this little gem caught my eye! And I thought, "perfect!" It will coordinate, and I have bunches of little scraps to use up for all those gorgeous petals.
If you want to make one, or have someone make one for you, it was a great project, I really enjoyed the whole process, and the talented Leslie of "onegirldesignwrks.blogspot.com" sells the beautiful "fleur playmat + pillow" pattern on Etsy! You just download your .pdf and away you go to the fabric store. I started mine on Friday night and worked on and off on it over the weekend, and it was all done by Monday night. I just couldn't wait.
Thanks again Leslie for such a fun, functional, and pretty project!
(Isn't that face just too cute?!?!)

And just for the fun of it, I think we should have another pcLayers gift card giveaway. I loved reading all your fun comments from the last giveaway, and would love to hear more. How about another chance at $30 to spend on some great digi kits?! Leave me a comment, either just some love, or if you have a kiddo tell me what your favorite baby item is and why. It could be beautiful, useful, frivolous, or just plain weird - but whatever it is I'd like to know!

Drawing will be open till noon MST Saturday March 7th, be sure to check back that night to see if you've won! (Winner will be posted to the blog). Good luck!


Feathering the nest...

Nesting has kicked in (although my friends and family will tell you it's been in full swing for a good ten months or so now), and I felt like posting a teaser pic of something that I've been working on this weekend. I can't wait to get it all finished and show you the final project and give you all the details! Super fun, and really unique!

And on a side note, Dh keeps walking around saying, "why don't you come 'nest' over here, it's messy," since I've been on an organizing kick all day. I'm pretty sure if I redo the baby's closet one more time he's going to sign me up for counseling.


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