A winner! and a baby date!

And the winner picked by the random number generator is:

Comment #2! By Kelsey!

"My little one isn't born yet, but my favorite baby item so far is the mobile that I'm sewing. I'm sewing little felt animals that are native to this area and it's turning out very cute!"

Kelsey, I bet your mobile is adorable! I'd love to see it when you get it all done! Be sure to click on the contact button to the left to email me to claim your prize!

I agree with Michelle's comment about the minivac; got DH one a year ago, and I'm pretty sure it's his favorite "appliance" - if you can call it that.

And the big news with our family is that we found out baby M is not interested in flipping over (still breech!), so she's scheduled to make her grand appearance on Monday evening via Csection! Wish us luck! I have butterflies in my stomach. Or maybe those are hiccups....


*~*a.l.s*~* said...

oh my! can't believe she will be here on Monday! Congrats!

In the meantime, I tagged you in my blog! Check out the post from today (March 7th)

Posy Quarterman said...

Congrats! And if no one has told you this, you might want to pick up some "granny panties" since post regular ones hit right on the incision line. Oh and put a small pillow or folded up blanket in your car for the drive home - the seat belt is a killer and a little padding in between makes it better. Yay baby!


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