Whew! Time flies.

I can't believe I haven't posted an update in 5 months! Yikes! A few people had asked to see my birth announcements; and you are getting to see them before the family since I haven't actually mailed them yet. Whoops. My excuse is that I'm still trying to design my envelopes. I love pretty envelopes. We did finally settle on a name (yes, it took me a week to decide; we literally named her on our way out the door of the hospital 5 days after having her)! She has kept me busy, and I've been busy working on all kinds of fun things for Making Memories, Provo Craft, Cricut, and a little magazine illustration here and there as well. So sorry for neglecting you dear blog!

DH is getting to be mom for a day whether he likes it or not because of his smart a comments to a friend last night (about me just sitting in bed sleeping and nursing all day, um yeah. HA!). We'll see how the day goes. It could be interesting. He's making me breakfast right now. ;) Good husband.

I've been working on my photo skills more than my scrapbooking lately, but have plenty of scrapping to catch up on now. I feel like I need to make some more cute photo frames/brushes....

My mac is back from getting the graphics card replaced. It only took me 4 months to get it to the apple store for a three day repair.

OH! and we moved. I knew there was another biggie that I was forgetting! Tons of work, but I'm glad it's all over now.

So to catch up on the babe:
The "coming home" shot. I love big bows.

She loves her swing, and so do I. (couple weeks old)
I think I really captured her true love of nightgowns, don't you think?4 months and enjoying a little tummy time.

4 and a half months and already sitting up! This girl is going places fast!More updates to come soon, and hopefully a freebie in there somewhere too! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and emails.


Little Yancey Family said...

A beautiful girl and fantastic photos! So glad to to get to see them.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

OMG...She is a total doll! No wonder you haven't had time to blog...I'd spend all my time with my baby too :)

Beverly said...

She is beautiful! I found your blog a few months ago and kept coming back to see if you wrote anything so I am happy you are back!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is lovely, lucky mom. Enjoy every minute with her. My mother passed away this past weekend and I was so honored to be her daughter. She was there when I was born and I was honored to be with her at the end of her life. Your scrappy friend. Bobyejb@sbcglobal.net

em.s said...

what a cutie. Love the tummy time shot. My Annie just puts her arms above her head and lies there. Face down. Moaning. No love for the tummy time! Glad to hear that all went well and you'll be (hopefully) blogging again soon.

Annie said...

Gorgeous daughter, beautiful announcement design!

free blog backgrounds said...

Look at that bow! It is huge! I'm going to send my wife to see this blog, she is going to love it

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