Freebie - Halloween Quick Page

I finally had time to work on a page! Fun! So I decided to make a QP (12x12 at 300dpi) out of it. Be sure to check out this guy's amazing artwork. I happen to think he's pretty talented, even if I may have a somewhat biased opinion...... He drew all the tattoos on his right arm, while I drew them on his left arm. They are hard to see in the pic; we should have taken close ups of both guy's arms because they were amazing. Too bad we didn't think about how they were going to get all that permanent marker and make up off before work the next day! Want to know the scariest thing about this layout?! I just realized that he (David, on the right) is wearing the exact same pair of jeans in this photo that I'm wearing right now! I don't know if I should be impressed or disgusted by that. ;) But I do remember having a pretty good laugh about it at the time.

I know that a few hours ago I said this freebie wouldn't be up until noon MST, but I had a bad migraine earlier and took so much Excedrin (oh the caffeine!) that I'm now wide awake. And it's sooooo long past my bedtime! Oh, well.


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Freebie - Glitter Alphabet

I know! I'm cutting it close to still be giving away Halloween freebies, but I've had so much fun with them lately that I can't help it! This cute glitter digital alphabet is 2 inches tall at 300dpi (actual file has no drop shadows). Stop by OCTOBER 31st for a one day only halloween quick page (12x12) made from the freebie kit below. (Starts at noon MST for 24 hours). Trick or Treat! Special thanks to my new friend Bren! Be sure to check out her amazing digital scrapbooking blog!


Freebie - Halloween

I've been delinquent in my posting! But I have good reason, I promise. We decided to sell our house and move to a new one so I've been swamped by a swarm of realtors (eek!) all week long. We used 248 cell phone minutes from tuesday night to thursday morning! Who knew it'd be so overwhelming. But last night and this morning I had a chance to breathe and make my freebie. I made a big one since I didn't get one in last week! This free mini digital scrapbook kit has a paperclip bow, two tags, a distressing brush (.png and .abr), two digital papers, and "happy haunting" word art. As always, all drop shadows are only for the preview, and images are 30o dpi for printing. I missed having the time to make them! It's usually the highlight of my week. Thanks so much for all your comments and for stopping by! Oh! And I've been tagged, but I'll have to get to that on monday, no more time today. :)


Freebie - Ribbons for Halloween

I made the freebie below to coordinate with the release of my friend Celeste's kit "Jack" at pcLayers. Seven fun files total! What can I say? I was in a Halloween mood. Jack is such a great kit for making cards, invitations, goodie bags, you name it. Celeste was even nice enough to make a whole frame add on kit that makes creating wonderful Halloween invitations a breeze. Be sure to check out her blog too for another coordinating Jack freebie!


Freebie - Scrap Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Kit

For Breast Cancer awareness month, I recieved a project from pcLayers to create a free kit, tutorial and template download, and I'm proud to say that it's up! Go download it! Since it's through their company, there will not be a 4shared file link on the blog this time. You have to click on the picture above or here to be taken to their site and then click on the pink ribbon. Many thanks again to Bonnie for modeling for me and being a true survivor, with such a giving attitude! Take a look and see the mini tutorial that I added a few weeks ago here on the blog as a teaser because I was so excited about the project. I also got to shoot the photo for the homepage. And thanks also to my new little friend LilyKate who let me use her room to stage it. (But not her zoo book that I was propping the photo up with, she wanted that back!) Please also note that this is only for a limited time, so get it now if you want it. :)
Also! I created another free card template, and tutorial download now available at pcCrafter. Click on the image of the card above to be taken to their web page and scroll down to see the pink ribbon to click on for that free download. Be sure to check out their message board. They have such a great group going there!
Leave me a comment if you like it, I won't be able to see the amount of downloads or anything since it's hosted on another site. Bummer. But oh well! Have a good one!


Wedding Invitation & Guest Book

So, my favorite thing to do with digital scrapbooking is to make books. Not necessarily scrap books, since I don't have one yet. I'm new to the whole scrapbook thing. I only started in May! But I have been a paper addict for as long as I can remember. I teach a bookbinding class at BYU (this is my eighth? semester teaching it), and I LOVE it!!! I have amazing students semester after semester; they never cease to amaze me. You can check out some of their work at our class blog by clicking here. I'm sure they'd love a comment or two.

This book I made as the demo last night in class as part of a set of things I've been working on for a dear friend of mine, who's wedding is on Thursday! Boy am I cutting it close! I also made their invitation (below) and did the photography of the flower (I'm still learning all the fun photography stuff, so I'm pretty proud of myself). The paper in the guest book is from pcLayers, part of a digital kit, as well as the flourish that I used to create the interior layout. Send me an email if you are interested in licensing the invite or in having your own invitation made.


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