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Please take a second to read my terms of use, and if you have any questions please send me an email: SeeJaneScrapbook(at)gmail(dot)com
Thanks so much! Enjoy shopping!

Please also note that my Terms Of Use also applies to freebies!

*My products are for PERSONAL use only
*Do not re-sell
*Do not share with friends
*Not for commercial use*
*Do not claim as your own
*Do not redistribute

*(unless you contact me and purchase a commercial license)

Sharing download links with others is digital piracy - you are allowed multiple download attempts in the event that your browser or my server times out. For more information on digital piracy, check out this great blog.

By purchasing or downloading these graphics, files, album and/or .abr brush set or obtaining any free downloadable graphics by Natalie Malan, you are agreeing to the terms of this user license. All images are the property of Natalie Malan, also including but not limited to, all preview and product images. You do not own the individual graphics, but have purchased the rights to use them as outlined in this agreement. The creator retains all other rights. Images may not be used for anything commercial, including the purpose of designing a website or website template or Ebay auction pages or Ebay about me pages or any other commercial product that will produce an income. You may not in any way resell the images or claim them as your own work. You also may not alter the images and claim them as your own work. Submissions to magazines, contests and internet galleries is allowed provided that you include proper credit information including the kit name and that it was created by See Jane Scrapbook. None of the downloaded products or links may be shared with anyone. Your purchase is for your personal use only. These graphics may be altered for personal use including changing colors, sizing, cutting, etc, but no alteration is allowed that will take away the integrity of the art. Verbage reproduced and modified with permission of Shabby Miss Jenn. ©Copyright 2008 by Natalie Malan of SeeJaneScrapbook.com

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