Freebie - Decorative Frames

Update: Be sure to check out my new blog and website for more free printables.

Thanks to all of you who voted! Six new decorative photo frame templates (only four featured in the preview above, two are a surprise bonus!) . The large square pictured above is 12 x 12 at 300 dpi and the others are 6 x 4 ish and 4 x 4 ish at 300 dpi as well. The scale is a tiny bit off in the preview, but I wanted you to be able to see the detail. Maybe I'll have a chance this weekend to play and show some fun ideas for things you can do with these. They make great templates, and you can also recolor them (I love using the "color overlay" option found under layer styles), make them into clipping masks with decorative papers of your choice, make them into labels for jams and jellies, create cute gift tags, use them as selection paths, or fill in the centers and use them as photo die cuts! Tons of possibilities!

I'm already really excited for Christmas to print some patterns to label my gifts (I'll be making some cute "to" and "from" labels you can print on sticker sheets - so be sure check back). Maybe I need to give everyone compact presents so I can print my own wrapping paper on 8.5 x 11 sheets!

Wow, I need to get some good fall pictures while it's still autumn to play around with and inspire some more freebies... Send me a link if you've been posting layouts anywhere using the See Jane Scrapbook freebies, I'd love to see them.

Thanks so much for those of you who left me yummy recipes! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the cards. I appreciate all the comments! And I've been enjoying the food.... :)

What would you like to see next as a freebie?A. photo die cuts
B. tied/wrapped ribbon
C. 3 papers
D. brushes


Freebie - Recipe Cards

So, it's about that time of year again when everyone starts making yummy soups, and taking plates of cookies around to the neighbors...... I love fall! It's my favorite season, crisp air, pretty leaves, fireplaces (I wish!), and warm sweaters. So I used some of the scallop templates, free brushes, and a few variations on some Amelie paper to make coordinating recipe cards. I started with the spring because that's what matches my kitchen, but then my good friend Ruth needed some autumn ones to match the rust red in her house, so I figured I'd include both downloads. The actual download includes the front and back of the cards (not shown in the previews above) ready to fill out, print, and then fold and laminate. Feel free to leave me your favorite recipe! I'd love it, and I guarantee my dh would too.


inspire. be inspired.

Deena Rutter now has her blog up and running too! So exciting. She's another amazing designer friend of mine, who has done several kits for pcLayers, the newest one "Anticipation" just came out this week. The cute tag from this post is part of the kit, make sure you take a look at all her great papers too!

design, wash, rinse, repeat.....

Introducing a fun new blog! A good friend of mine finally (we've been teasing her for a while now... hehe but not really because she's insanely busy) got her blog up and running! So exciting! It's absolutely gorgeous, of course, and there's a fantastic freebie up, so make sure you go snag it while you have the chance! Wow that's a lot of exclamation points all in a row. Anyway, the site belongs to the lovely Celeste Rockwood-Jones who always has outstanding work, so I'm thrilled to have another great design blog to read. Hope you enjoy it too!


Free Frame Templates

Update: Be sure to check out my new blog and website for more free printables.

A wonderful new friend of mine mentioned, while we were scrapping last week, that it's nice to have a library of templates to use as clipping masks, frames, tags, etc. So I expanded my own personal library, and decided to offer it as this week's freebie. I went ahead and cut out the centers, but in my own personal scrapbooking I always fill the centers (with the paintbucket), with a solid of the same color, and use them as a mat, or a selection path, or a clipping mask. All kinds of fun! I love using them behind or over photos, and on cards, especially.

Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping!


PSE Tutorial - "Where do I start?"

I know everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are one of those "brand-new-to-Photoshop-Elements and Digital Scrapbooking" people, then this tutorial is for you. It shows how to create a new document. What dpi you need for printing (300!!!), how to open elements and put them onto your layout, how to rotate and size those elements, etc. Just the basics here, folks. (I think I fixed the low volume problem from the last one).


How to load a Photoshop Elements Brush

Is this video too long? Too detailed? Not detailed enough? How's the volume? Too fast? What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know so I can make even better ones! And as always feel free to leave a comment to suggest things you would like to see in a Video Tutorial.

I almost forgot! Please let me know which of these two videos you think is the best; the top is "blogger" the bottom is "you tube."


Amélie Kit Release

It's finally out! So, I wanted to create a coordinating freebie for the release of my new kit at pcLayers. And my genius husband showed me how to link the picture below to the download site. What a great guy. Enjoy! There are also 6 fun add on kits along with the Amelie Kit, that include lots of fun stitches and ribbon, cute crochet flowers, crackle frames, and three fun chipboard monograms. But I think they were having technical problems getting some of it up last night, so it should all be up later in the day.
And I wanted to show a fun Amelie layout done by my friend Kayla Lamoreaux, aka The Legacy Lady. Check out her blog for fun layouts, tutorials, and product news/reviews.

And one more layout by another blogging buddy, "Bekzilla." Click here to take a look at her fun blog, "Life as a Three Legged Dog."


Autumn Beauty Kit, and One Handsome Fellow...

The link for this designer tutorial is not showing up yet on the pcLayers site, but I wanted to be sure that I got it posted on here before I forget! I took some pictures of this adorable little boy (thanks for putting up with me Cameron!) while he was at my work visiting his favorite aunt Jessie, and I knew I had to get some pictures! Nobody is safe. My boss is now jokingly referring to me as the paparazzi. This beautiful kit, "Autumn Beauty" was created by two talented designers Jen Reed and Jeanine Bachtold founders of a company called Kristy Valshan; perfect for fall!


Labor Day Freebie Fun

Well, In the spirit of Labor Day, I decided to do a little bit of work for fun, and whip up a new freebie. Click here for the free download. Be sure to check back on wednesday for another new freebie (two in one week!) that coordinates with the release of my Amelie kit for pcLayers!

I've also been playing around with the idea of a challenge for a prize of some kind. Leave a comment here on the blog, and let me know if you have any fun ideas, both for the challenge and also for the prize.....


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