PSE Tutorial - "Where do I start?"

I know everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are one of those "brand-new-to-Photoshop-Elements and Digital Scrapbooking" people, then this tutorial is for you. It shows how to create a new document. What dpi you need for printing (300!!!), how to open elements and put them onto your layout, how to rotate and size those elements, etc. Just the basics here, folks. (I think I fixed the low volume problem from the last one).


Connie Prince said...

Fantastic tutorial, I'll have to save this for any beginner's that I run across :) TFS!

Sarah said...

Great Tutorial For the beginners...where were you when I started out? lol

Have a Great Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was directed here from the forum at scrapartist. I am BRAND SPANKIN NEW to digi scrappin, and that was awesome! I am off to see if I can recreate!
Diane Cooper

Anonymous said...

This tutorial is great! I am very 'green' to digital scrap booking and you make things seem so easy. Thank you very much...I love it!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for this! And will you please, (PLEASE!) tell me how to run/download PSE on a mac?

Natalie said...

Michelle, do you have a version for the mac? You can get a trial one on adobe's website here:


Just make sure you get the mac one. It should come with instructions to install (super easy on a mac).


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