How to load a Photoshop Elements Brush

Is this video too long? Too detailed? Not detailed enough? How's the volume? Too fast? What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know so I can make even better ones! And as always feel free to leave a comment to suggest things you would like to see in a Video Tutorial.

I almost forgot! Please let me know which of these two videos you think is the best; the top is "blogger" the bottom is "you tube."


Carrie said...

That was awesome & very informative... I am new to PSE5 and any help I can get is great. I had to crank the volume up to the loudest in order to hear you, that would be my only comment for improvement.


Lori said...

very nice, Nat. can you link this up to the Layers website so we can share it with the members?

David Malan said...

I can't hear them. But they sure look pretty.

Danielle said...

natalie thank you for this tutorial i have had PSE for a year almost and it has just overwhelmed me so i put it away for a while and recently decided to start digi scrapping and this tutorial was perfect

i love that you showed each step and said what you were doing with each one too ( and that you spoke in plain english LOL )

thanks so much for sharring your knowledge

Betsy said...

Very good and very informative. Just the right lenght. I also had to crank up my volume all the way and still had to strain to hear you.

Thank you!

Theresa Marie said...

I'd love to listen to it, but I can barely hear you! I hope you can fix this as I'd love to learn this, and I watched your tutorial on starting out and absolutely loved it... thanks!

Shirley said...

I LOVED your tutorial!
It was so great to hear and watch!!
I thought it was perfect!

Colleen E said...

Loved the first tutorial - could see and hear it very easily. 2nd one is much harder to hear even w/all volumes up to highest level, and a little more blurry. But thanks so much - you are so cool for doing this Natalie!

~Fio~ said...

That's great!!

I never downloaded any brushes 'cause I didn't think I'd be able to use them, but now I know how!!



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