Enter to Win! And my 2 biggest fears for l+d

With less than 20 days till my due date I've been thinking about the whole labor and delivery process. And there are two things that top my list of fears, and here they are in order of importance to me:

#1. She will not be a girl. (and I will have to completely redo her uber stylish pink insanely girly bedroom and wardrobe - and my son will come home from the hospital wearing this). I should explain that I have no problem having a baby boy [in fact, I had high hopes of having a mini DH lacrosse player], I thought that's what I was going to have - before I knew. I'm just completely not prepared for one. And if you know me, you know I like to prepare. A LOT).

#2. My epidural won't work - and I have no plan B.
(with all the craziness around here the last couple months my prenatal classes consisted of the lamest DVD EVER in the history of lame DVDs, that I checked out from the hospital. I think it was written for fourth graders. But apparently there's a market for that kind of thing now).

Basically those two things top the charts for me. What were/are your biggest fears? On becoming a mother OR father? Leave a comment here on the blog with one or two, and I'll enter you to win a $30 gift card to pcLayers, we'll pick a winner at 12noon MST on Wednesday 02.25.09 by the random number generator so be sure to check back then and see if you've won!

P.S. I love that in the pic above; you can't even tell I just jumped out of the shower and my hair is dripping wet in a towel and I don't have a scrap of makeup on. Yay, for creative cropping.


Lissel Dalton said...

You look TINY with only 20 days left to go! I am insanely jealous! My biggest fear has always been that there will be complications at the birth and my little one will arrive with problems. That would break my heart after nine months of building dreams of his/her life.

Kelsey said...

Your number 2 fear is my number 1 fear--I'm afraid the epidural won't work because we haven't prepared any "alternative" plans.

I'm also concerned about making sure our marriage stays wonderful and rewarding and spicy. I know it will change in many ways, but I don't want it to become a "low" priority!

Sorry to hear you're on bedrest--good luck keeping healthy and busy!

Anonymous said...

You really don't want to know everyone's fears - I promise! we will just drive you insane! BUT since you asked I will share one serious fear I had that you won't have to worry about - when I had my twins I was completely stressed about have one naturally and then having to have an emergency c-section on the second...thanks to the three docs and five nurses who held the second one in my stomach they both came out just fine - and that is just what happened with all the things I feared - even if they did happen somehow things always turned out ok. Oh and the girl being a boy? Happened to my aunt - but I think with the new ultrasound technology you are good. :)

Sarah S said...

My biggest fear the second time around was that the VBAC wouldn't work and I would end up w/ another emergency c-section.

The thing to remember is that no matter what happens, it all works out...

Sammie said...

My biggest fears while I was pregnant was that the baby would not be born healthy or there would be complications. Another fear is that I won't be a good enough parent. I will probably always be afraid of that!

LaRessie said...

Your pic is FAB... Love it... YOu look so tiny. I had different fears with each one I think. I had 4 live births and had surgery for incompetent cervix with each one. I guess my fear was not being able to withstand the pain during the final pushing. I prayed all the last few months that I would just get through those final moments. GOD came through, the epidural worked WONDERFULLY and they topped it off so I was relaxed and not tensing up. I actually laughed my daughter out. If they had all been that easy I would have more.. LOL. Don't fear... you will get through it and you will be SO happy to have a little one in your arms.. even if it is a boy in pink. ;)
I just went through a surgery a little over a week ago... a hysterectomy. I had concerns about the hospital. Would I be taken care of properly. WELL, God came through again. I had the most FABULOUS care. You will do great. God bless.

Laura said...

I am just one day off from your due date (19 days to go!) and I am having a baby girl as well!

This is my first baby, and although I have many, my top two fears include:

1.Having to labor by myself until my husband can get me to the hospital (he works far away).

2. (is this TMI?) getting an episiotomy

KindredEsprit said...

My two biggest fears are:
1. Fear of never finding my soul mate
2. Fear of never starting a family.


Anonymous said...

Well, I never had biological children, but with my step-daughter, I always worried about not being "good enough" or doing things right. I think I always worried about being labeled a "wicked step-mother"! Cinderella didn't do us any favors! LOL!

Looking back now...I know I did the best I could.

Annie said...

Oops...for some reason my post showed up as anonymous! That one was by Annie as well...sorry.

Ginger said...

Sweetie, I sure wish I could help calm your fears, but coming from a gal that never had children I do believe I would be insane with only 20 days left to go. I do have two wonderful step-children whom I love very much. I am sure everything will go beautifully and you will be back soon showing us photos of your gorgeous new daughter. My prayers are with you and you look absolutely stunning in this image.

Martine said...

I agree with Legacy Lady you don't really want to know all our fears. The first time is stressful enough! As for your epidural worry, that happened to me, and I had no plan B either. But if I had to compare both my children's births, one fast and furious with no epidural and the other slow and long with an epidural? Mmmm, in hind sight (always an easy thing) I would say no epidural!

celeste said...

my goodness that looks like just about the most adorably perfect baby room in the history of baby rooms. with such a hip mama she is destined to be one stylish girl! my biggest fear was not making it to the hospital in time. which looking back on it is a total laugh! with both girls i went 9 days over, they ultimately had to induce me, and their heads were SO HUGE it was nearly impossible to birth them. too funny. but like you, another big stress was the possibility that my little Minnie would come out a Mickey!! mostly because of the ridiculously adorable clothing (and shoes!) i'd been collecting for 9 months.

*~*a.l.s*~* said...

Okay I'm finally following you! yay!

My biggest fear was that I would have a boy, too, when I was not prepared for one (even though, like you, i had hoped for a boy first!).

And, really, I was planning on writing a comment on your blog, anyway, so don't worry about entering me for your contest! I'd rather have it go to someone who actually scrapbooks :)

valerie said...

Well, since I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have been on bed rest for over a week now due to my water breaking so early, lol, this is easy for me.

I guess my biggest fears are either losing the baby altogether or having her so early that she has problems with her physical and/or mental development. But while I'm here let me also through in that I'm terrified of the many weeks I'm going to have to spend in the hospital soon and all the things they're going to do to me (I'm a big baby) including a C-section.

valerie said...

Oh, and can I also say that I'm terrified that the time will come for that emergency c-section and no one I know/love will be there with me.

Ok, I'll be quiet now :)

xo Colleen said...

I was a high risk pregnancy since it took me FOREVER to get pregnant (and quite a few surgeries), so my biggest fears then were: (1) losing the baby, and (2) that something would go wrong in the delivery which would be heart-breaking......so much so that when my OB-GYN suggested a C-section to play it safe, I happily agreed (I'd know the due date, it would be controlled, etc.). If I could do it again, I'd go for a regular delv., but of course that's hind-sight since I have a beautiful 19 y/o - lol.

YOU LOOK STUNNING in that photo. It's so ethereal and beautifully shot. Nice work - and love that you told us you were really sans makeup and wet hair - what a hoot you are.

Enjoy your bedrest. It'll be the quietest time you'll ever soon remember. Take advantage and READ, READ, READ, and SLEEP. All those things you "may" miss (wink).

xo Colleen

veryblessed said...

Mine was that I would have a really really long labour as my mom was in labour with me for 36 hours - thankfully - times have changed and I was only in labour with my boy for about 4 hours - I had a continuous epidural - administered by an absolutely brilliant anaethetist and would recommend it to anyone.

Lots of love and good wishes for you and your gorgeous GIRL - things will go well I am sure!

Amanda said...

My number one fear (with both of my children) is that they would have something wrong with them and have to stay in the NICU--I am an NICU nurse so I take care of sick babies all day, but definitely didn't want my babies to be sick.

I was also afraid of a vaginal delivery and having a 4th degree tear. I wound up having a C-section with both of my kids. It was very easy for me (c-sections), luckily.

I hope that your L&D goes well!

Amanda said...

Sorry, I've already commented, but this is a funny story about my girl being a boy--she stayed a girl, but anyway.

There is a group in my town that do fun 4D sonos for a fee. I got a session for a shower gift with my first child--a girl. We had had several sonos and they were all girl. The night before we went for our sono, I had the most disturbing dream. I dreamt that I was looking at the sono screen, and they zoomed in, and all I could see was open legs and a penis floating by! I was a nervous wreck the next day until I saw girl parts!

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

I never had a baby, but look forward to having one in the future. I do have fears, will i get as big as a house, like my mom did with me? I've seen the photos and omg she was HUGE, I tell you!!!
Will I be a great mom like my mom was? (she passed when I was 16, I'm 21 now) I just got married last year and my DH would like a baby once I am done with college, but will I be ready? Will I have done what I wanted to do before I started my family? Do I even really want kids? I love myself to much....lol ohhhh my grandma says all women have these questions in thier heads, and that I will be a great mom, but will I? I left my dog outside (gated yard) last year and forgot she was back there for 2 hours? will I do that with my own child?? LOL

Congrats hun....

Happy Scrapin' Kat

Cherry Blossoms said...

Congrats on your little one! I just found PC Layers and it directed me to your lovely blog! So glad I found such a beautiful scrapbooking site!
Thank you for letting me enter your giveaway.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Oh and my biggest fears on becoming a mom would have to be not being patient enough. I never had patience with other peoples children and I was definitely scared that once I had mine I would have the same problem. Thankfully once I had my little Ella I learned that patience may not come right away but that it is learned. She has helped me to know that I am a good mom and that we are both learning as we go along everyday. I really love being a mom...and it is the most rewarding experience I have ever had.


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