Bedrest is for the birds.

I've been a busy girl the last couple months. Haven't had too much time for blogging, but have quite a few new pics and tips to post soon. I had lots and lots of nesting and freelance work to get accomplished before the baby comes. But that all came to a screeching halt Wednesday night when I went in to labor and delivery to ask a simple question about seeing spots.

Three hours, some blood tests, and a few other uncomfortable procedures later (I'll spare you the details), I was released on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. And let me tell you, I had no idea how much I liked moving. My instructions are to lie on my left side. In bed. All day. For 21 more days. Right.

But! On the scrapbook side of things, I did get a new camera recently and LOVE it. If you're in the market I've got a good recommendation. I wanted something light, an slr, and that took great photos without me doing a lot of photoshopping. I ended up with a Rebel XSi and two lenses recommended by Ali Edwards: a 50mm 1.4 and a zoom EF 28-105mm. And they are perfect for what I need!

And on a side note; the fabric for the pillow is from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Bijoux line (Sugar Mallow), and is what I ended up deciding on for the nursery. I just couldn't resist making something that I knew nobody else had for nursery crib bedding. I'll have to post updates on those photos soon too. The great ruffle pillow pattern is a freebie from Sandi Henderson. Yes, ladies and gnetlemen, I have now learned to make button holes!


AprilA said...

Love all the colors! SO girly but not too pink! And that you can sew is very cool. I CANNOT!

Hope your 20 days goes by quickly for you!

Kimla said...

I know it must be hard to have so much to do and all you are allowed to do is rest. When I had both knees replaced, I found out that laying around all day wasn't my cup of tea either.

I pray God blesses you with a safe and healthy delivery of your sweet new angel and His protection around you and the staff as you await this miracle.

BTW: the 50mm really is one of my fav lenses & I love the nickname "NiftyFifty".

Amanda said...

I am sorry that you have to be on bed rest! It stinks big time! I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks with my first baby, so I was on bedrest for 10 weeks! I feel for you!

celeste said...

gorgeous photos, and gorgeous projects! so excited for you (except that whole bedrest thing)


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