Two is company but...

... three is a party! And here's a cute invite.
So I was teasing in my last post that I would always remember what the last thing my great grandmother said to me was, (it was in response to me telling her I was expecting), and she slowly looked me up and down, and said, "well..... you've got a long way to go!" And I laughed because she was right.

So here's the card that we emailed with our u/s pic to family and friends who live far away. We also sent this photo of my mom's face when she opened her birthday present. It was a bib that said "I love grandma" on it and a baby book. She dropped it right out of the picture. But her face was priceless. Click here or on the pic below to download the 4x6 jpeg, and bonus .png file!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my last post! You are all too sweet; I can't say how much I enjoy reading all your comments here on the blog and also on the 4shared site.

I'll have to post an u/s photo of "peanut" sometime soon. We had a follow up appt (due to complications with 2 cysts) today, and got to see him/her bouncing all around (thanks to me drinking a bunch of OJ right before)! So fun! Good news; the baby is now officially bigger than the cysts, and the cysts are FINALLY getting a little bit smaller! And the ultrasound tech wouldn't even guess at the gender yet since Peanut was being modest and covering all the important details with a hand. 15 weeks 2 days, and counting...... Maybe I will get to find out for a halloween present?
PS if you are looking for the Halloween Freebie mentioned on KimB's blog they are here! Be sure to stop by her blog for a cute free template for this card!
mini kit
glitter alpha


Free School Template!

I wanted to post a template that you can use on Jessie's pcLayers challenge this week. So I made a layered photoshop file that you can use with any of your favorite kits to make a cute, fast and fun page. Click here or on the preview picture below to download!

And in bittersweet news, I also wanted to post a photo of my beautiful Great Grandmother who just recently passed away. We will miss her! I don't think her sense of humor and good nature at 100 years of age could be matched; and I will especially miss her telling me not to "buy out the store" whenever I pick my mom up to go shopping. She'd sigh, and say, "I really do miss shopping." I can still remember the last thing she said to me.....but that is news that will just have to wait for a future post. :)

I will have to scan some of the photos of the beauty school she started when she was in TX. They are fun to look at and wonder where all those beautiful young women ended up and what their lives were like. I'll also have to post the page I made of her for this project as a freebie sometime. I don't think it's made it to the blog yet.


Freebie! Cute Back to School Word Art Sets

I've got a new kit out at pcLayers called Teacher's Pet, it's great for all kinds of back to school pages! There's a ton of great stuff packed in there, all kinds of digital stickers, some great splatter brushes, some chalk brushes, and of course, fun paper! Not to mention the tags and ribbon, along with some fun crinkle paper overlays.
I had so much fun making it that I could't resist making some more word art just for fun. Yay for free stuff! The first one you can find right here on my blog, and the second one can be found at the pcLayers blog along with a fun new challenge that Jessie is hosting on the site.

Don't forget to stop by the pcLayers blog to pick up this freebie too!


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