See Jane... Scrapbook!? Finally!

What....?! Who me?! I know! It's been FOREVER, and a day or two, since I've shared a layout. I've been busy working on some great things coming out soon, maybe I'll sneak in a little preview of "Audrey," my next kit releasing Feb 6. The layout above is a picture that my grandfather (have I ever mentioned that he is a professional photographer?) took of my mom when she was little. I've titled it "Watermelon Enthusiast." I LOVE, love, love, this photo.
My great grandmother, the daughter of this cute couple, saw this picture and said, "Oh, that's Uncle Eddie!" Good to know. Wish i knew who his date/sister?/chica? in the back is. My great grandmother is 99 this past December, and has decided to make it to 100. Happy late birthday Great Grand Fern! But I know you don't read my blog. But hello to my two devoted grandfather readers, and also my dad (who even leaves me comments, even though I'm about 95% sure he's not using my freebies). When are you guys going to start scrapbooking?! You should have plenty of free stuff collected by now... hehehe.
It cracks me up that his first name is "Robert E. Lee." Initials in the middle of a middle name are so funny to me.
Did I also mention that this was all part of my mom's Christmas present? I bought her this way cool thing from my favorite craft store, and made all these pages to put in it. Have I mentioned how much I love digital and hybrid scrapbooking for this type of thing? I got to fix all the photos, scan them in huge, and can use them over and over again. And print off my own pages. Oh, and also fix all my spelling mistakes, and reprint after mom's editing.
Ah, Mayme. Such a glamor girl! I wish we still had those glasses. But we do have the coat!
I should also credit that I used all the new 7 Gypsies digital kits from pcLayers (these are all done with Reef and a tiny bit of Sugarcookie). They have so many fun digital accents and embellishments that match their scrapbook things in stores so it makes Hybrid really easy.
The free template below is 12x12 inches at 300dpi. It's a layered Photoshop file, and there is also a jpeg version included. I made the scale of the photo to the page super big because I was printing them 8x8 and also because I love huge photos. Enjoy!


MiKiko said...

Wonderful LO's . Thanks for the template, is great:)

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh my goodness those are some FANTASTIC photos!! LOVE it! You have some totally great layouts here with some wonderful memories.
Thanks for the template too!

nancypinct said...

Hi Natalie -
Thai is a wonderful template! Just like you I like large pictures on a page. I did have a problem with this wonderful freebie. The file for the psd template is a ._nm file - I don't think we are supposed to have the ._ before the file name. I can't get it to open - says it is unrecognizable. HELP natalie - I want this great freebie! Thank you!

Laura said...

oh my goodness, these pages are FANTASTIC. i LOVE the contrast between the old black and whites and the amazing patterns and vibrant colors you paired with them! i am in LOVE!!!! your blog is fabulous! thanks for the inspiration!! :)

Erin said...

You crack me up! My mom reads my blog too, but I don't think she uses my freebies either :)

I'm loving your pages, I haven't seen many of them, but I just love all the pages you've done. You're such an artist!

Are You Serious! said...

I love your layouts of the old pictures!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Looking forward to your new kit!

pixiequeen said...

Great LO's! And thank you for the sweet freebie layout!

missy said...

Oh I am so thrilled with the free template ... it's wonderful! I love that photo of your mom too ... and ALL the heritage ones, they are super to have! Thanks from a big fan!

Anonymous said...

love these pages natalie! you've been a busy girl. And i'm so impressed that your Dad reads your blog, i don't think my Dad even knows i have a blog!!

Maryse said...

merci beaucoup!!
your pages are gorgeous!!!


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