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I felt like making tags this week so here they are. Leave me a comment on the blog if you like them! And feel free to email me a layout using any of the freebies; I'd love to see what you are doing with them.


Bonnie - Scrap Pink! 2007

Scrap Pink 2007 is coming up Sept 28-30th, and for work I get to do a layout featuring, the lovely Bonnie. I met her yesterday as a result of a "casting call" for a survivor of breast cancer - willing to let me take their picture for this layout. Bonnie! THANK YOU for modeling! Here's the rough demo in Photoshop Elements 4 of how to brighten and touch up a photo....
This is the final photo used in the layout:
*note I actually used the wrong pic for these screen shots, that's why her smile's
not as happy! whoops....

And here's my original:

I started off by dragging my image onto the "new layer" button, and then changing the levels. I wanted Bonnie to be brighter (Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Levels). I take the "white" slider on the right and drag it to where the black starts to go up the hill. I also took the middle "gray" slider and took it a bit to the right to lighten the midtones. Click ok.

Next, I made the new copy more saturated with color (Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation). I just increased the "saturation" to +24. Click ok.

Um...... then I decided that I might want bonnie even lighter, so I made a new layer (from the copy) and used levels again to lighten it a bit more.

I'm a fan of airbrushing, so I gave a little bit of light under her eyes, but selecting a soft edges round brush, setting the opacity (top toolbar) to 17% and created a new layer (so I could flip it on and off, or delete it if necessary) titled airbrush. With the brush selected, hold the alt key and you will see the brush tip change to the "dropper." Pick a color from her face near where you want to airbrush and lightly start glazing over the chosen areas. Remember! Make them look "fresh" not plastic - don't airbrush too much or too solid!

I merged the second layer with the background layer (hit ctrl+E while on the second layer and it will merge it down one layer). Now I have decided that in all that lightening , I've lost some of the top of her gorgeous platinum hair, and I also liked the background a little darker and more "contrast-y" So I am erasing with a soft eraser the top layer (with her the lightest). I left erased all of the background and part of the top of her hair, so that the darker version underneath would show. Then I cropped out the tree on the left, with the crop tool, and saved it as a .jpeg.


Freebie Monogram

My very first Digital Scrapbooking Freebie. It's a cardstock textured monogram (A - Z, 2inches tall, 300 dpi). Hopefully I set everything right for the free download.


New Karen Foster Design Kit - Maternity

Preview of a new kit that's coming out tomorrow (midnight) to the new pcLayers website. This is the same little girl as in the last layout, but when she was just a day or two old. Layout was made in Photoshop CS3, and there will also be a tutorial up on the pcLayers website wednesday morning.

Here's a link to my first Video Tutorial created for Adobe Photoshop! It demonstrates how to change a photograph from color, to black and white, and then how to make a colored selection (like the baby photos above).

Here's a link to the pcLayers page that has this "Designer Layout" featured (it's right below the picture of the kit by the button that says preview). It also has a pdf file that you can download with a tutorial for the whole layout. Here's a screenshot:


Amélie Kit Sneak Peek

Coming soon to pcLayers - my first kit! The release date is Sept 5th for the kit and also the tutorial for this layout. I had a lot of fun making all the elements for the add on kits, like learning how to crochet flowers, and then trying them out in a bunch of different yarns to see what looked best. This site had really good directions too.



I have a Canon 30D for work, and decided that I needed to learn how to use it by taking some pictures of my adorable nieces. Poor kids, by the time I was done, they were saying, "I don't want to pick anymore flowers." They lasted through 697 shots. I'll post a few more later along with before and after photoshop images and maybe a tutorial or two.


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