New Karen Foster Design Kit - Maternity

Preview of a new kit that's coming out tomorrow (midnight) to the new pcLayers website. This is the same little girl as in the last layout, but when she was just a day or two old. Layout was made in Photoshop CS3, and there will also be a tutorial up on the pcLayers website wednesday morning.

Here's a link to my first Video Tutorial created for Adobe Photoshop! It demonstrates how to change a photograph from color, to black and white, and then how to make a colored selection (like the baby photos above).

Here's a link to the pcLayers page that has this "Designer Layout" featured (it's right below the picture of the kit by the button that says preview). It also has a pdf file that you can download with a tutorial for the whole layout. Here's a screenshot:

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Anonymous said...

Love this! The photos are so precious and I am looking forward to the tutorial!


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