Painting with a Princess

We've had a busy morning/week around here prepping for my next Provo Craft live online class (tonight!  Yay!).  It is completely sold out, so if you missed it this time you'll have to wait and see if they post the video online later on, or see if you can sweet talk them into letting me teach another class.   ;)

Princess Penelope has been a great help in between making me take mandatory rest periods for some princess waltzing lessons.  She is always Belle and mama is always "Monster."  I'm flattered.  Really.  I also like her idea of always wearing a crown when painting.  I feel it adds a certain something.  And luckily, my brilliant friend Amy was kind enough to give Penny a paint with water book yesterday, which I've been searching everywhere for, and luckily that entertained her just long enough to let me prep the background of one canvas for tonight.
And just a side note, but if you're interested in following what I'm working on in my studio I'll also be posting on my facebook page - Natalie Malan Studio so be sure to add that one (and not my personal account).  And it's getting close to being photo ready, so I'll have to start posting some teaser photos soon of my lovely new space!

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Lori said...

So happy to have see a new post, you look adorable! Miss you and penny precious. It looks like the class went great. I cant wait to make one.
xoxo, Lori


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