It's a.....

GIRL!Hooray for everything pink and frilly!

So, now I'm trying to figure out what I like for the baby's room. And I figured somebody could probably tell me, so I'm setting up a poll on the sidebar for you to vote. ;) Here are the options:

A. Birdie Set

B. Heather Bailey Pop Garden & Bijoux (would be custom made by me)

C. Stripe and Toile set

And here's a couple pictures of the room as it looks right now with the pistachio green paint just for reference (it looks almost exactly like the paint in option "B" above - it's kind of grayed out in the pictures here) - oh and that's the baby sling (hanging on the side of the crib) that I made from some cute Amy Butler fabric:


Red Fermata said...

1 and 2 are so cute. Not so fond of 3

Raye said...

Love 3 and I am not usually a stripe person.
Personally I would do something to go with that lovely chandelier in the existing room.
Congrats !

Ferrill said...

I love the idea of the Heather Bailey fabrics. It won't be so matchy-matchy and it will be soooo fun! I like the Birdie set, too.

I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I'm so glad I did!

Eric & Penny Kunz Family said...

I am such a stalker tonight, but I am digging the B. I just found I am having a boy and already have two girls and am already starting to miss all the girly girly fun.

makuahine said...


(Secretly I hope mine is a girl!! :))

Rachel said...


Heather said...

um, unrelated, but what shade of green is that on the walls? I really like it. I wanted a light green fro my kids room, but the color I used is too dark.

Jennifer said...

C is what my daughter has in her room. Complete with the curtains, rug and all! I think it is a timeless look. Really sweet! I painted a slightly brighter green on her walls and it looks great.
I actually LOVE A, too. (It wasn't available when I went to register for my baby things--came out later, but I do have the little birdie stroller blanket and I love it!


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