I'm back!

Wohoo! Finally. So, I've been SWAMPED with some amazing freelance opportunities. If you are a target or walmart fan then you are in luck in a few months cause I happen to know that there will be some really beautiful product lines coming out soon. I made myself a goal not to blog until I got all 9 lines done (I know!!! sad!), and I finally have.

I can't wait until I can start blogging about it all. But for now, I took some time to reconnect with a few friends, and made this amazingly fun project to hang in my studio. Maybe I can actually finish my studio now and post more pics. We had a blast making them from some of our favorite papers and a few vintage books, and sheet music. All you need is a martha stewart butterfly punch, a shadow box, some glue, and a piece of white paper. Or a friend willing to lend you a piece of white paper. (thanks Lori!).


Aly D said...

LOVE the butterflies...so cute! Can't wait to get a peek at your new lines, I'm sure they're gorgeous! So fun to meet you at lunch, and can't wait for chicago!

Ash & Becky said...

What a cute idea! I want to do this for my little girl's room now! thanks for the great idea!

blurooferika said...

Wonderful idea and so simple. Thanks for sharing!


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