Vintage Wedding

Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for a close friend and talented artist, Lori Gardner. Lori was the glowing mother of the bride, both of whom looked spectacular even though it was only 18 degrees outside!!!

Madi wore her grandmother's vintage wedding gown, which set the tone for her reception and invitations as well. While I was sitting in the photo room, waiting for the bride and groom, I heard all the other photographers talking about having trouble with their cameras because it was sooo cold. Of course, all I could find to wear on my hands (yes, still in the process of moving - does it ever end?!), were some mittens. Mittens = not good for anything requiring manual dexterity. Luckily Lori had some amazing leather gloves she was kind enough to let me borrow, or else I'm pretty sure I'd be fingerless by now.

I'm still not sure how they did it all, Lori was completely sick with the flu for two days before the wedding (yikes!), but the wedding reception that night was amazing. I'll have to post pics from that when I get them downloaded.

Special thanks to Greg, the father of the bride, for all his help carrying my equipment! He, the bride, the groom and I were the only ones to last through the whole hour long session outside.
Congratulations again Eric and Madi!


Anonymous said...

Amazing work Natalie - I know someday I will be saying, "I knew her when..." :)

Erin said...

beautiful pictures Natalie! You're amazing, maybe I should con you into taking some pictures of Marilyn and me;) You guys were really brave to be outside in that cold!

Jessica Lynn said...

Wow.. amazing photography. Great job!!

Jessica Lynn :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos natalie, so artistic i love them!

Mark Weinberg said...

Great job! The photos have great lighting.


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