Another Gorgeous Thanksgiving

We were fortunate enough to be invited for yet another absolutely gorgeous, not to mention delicious, Thanksgiving with the Robertson/Malan families. Nanette did a fabulous job of decorating; our tables were prettier than if Martha had come and done them herself. I had to snap a few shots before everyone arrived, and probably should have snapped a few more once everyone had sat down to eat, but since we've been out of town and haven't been grocery shopping since we got home, I was more interested in dinner once it was served. After dinner we played "Apples to Apples." Our good friends Tim and Carly introduced it to us a while back, and it's always a fun group game. I did manage to snag one person shot of cute Miss Nessa before being tempted away to the buffet line. This year, as always, I'm most thankful for my family; both my wonderful inlaws and their extended family, and also for the family that I've was lucky enough to be born into.


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Holy Mackerel, that is Be U TI FUL!

celeste said...

what a divine table! i may just have to invite myself to your celebration next year! ;)

verabear said...

That was a lovely Thanksgiving table, thanks for sharing pictures :)


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