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"Mine was that I would have a really really long labour as my mom was in labour with me for 36 hours - thankfully - times have changed and I was only in labour with my boy for about 4 hours - I had a continuous epidural - administered by an absolutely brilliant anaethetist and would recommend it to anyone.

Lots of love and good wishes for you and your gorgeous GIRL - things will go well I am sure!"


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Enter to Win! And my 2 biggest fears for l+d

With less than 20 days till my due date I've been thinking about the whole labor and delivery process. And there are two things that top my list of fears, and here they are in order of importance to me:

#1. She will not be a girl. (and I will have to completely redo her uber stylish pink insanely girly bedroom and wardrobe - and my son will come home from the hospital wearing this). I should explain that I have no problem having a baby boy [in fact, I had high hopes of having a mini DH lacrosse player], I thought that's what I was going to have - before I knew. I'm just completely not prepared for one. And if you know me, you know I like to prepare. A LOT).

#2. My epidural won't work - and I have no plan B.
(with all the craziness around here the last couple months my prenatal classes consisted of the lamest DVD EVER in the history of lame DVDs, that I checked out from the hospital. I think it was written for fourth graders. But apparently there's a market for that kind of thing now).

Basically those two things top the charts for me. What were/are your biggest fears? On becoming a mother OR father? Leave a comment here on the blog with one or two, and I'll enter you to win a $30 gift card to pcLayers, we'll pick a winner at 12noon MST on Wednesday 02.25.09 by the random number generator so be sure to check back then and see if you've won!

P.S. I love that in the pic above; you can't even tell I just jumped out of the shower and my hair is dripping wet in a towel and I don't have a scrap of makeup on. Yay, for creative cropping.


Bedrest is for the birds.

I've been a busy girl the last couple months. Haven't had too much time for blogging, but have quite a few new pics and tips to post soon. I had lots and lots of nesting and freelance work to get accomplished before the baby comes. But that all came to a screeching halt Wednesday night when I went in to labor and delivery to ask a simple question about seeing spots.

Three hours, some blood tests, and a few other uncomfortable procedures later (I'll spare you the details), I was released on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. And let me tell you, I had no idea how much I liked moving. My instructions are to lie on my left side. In bed. All day. For 21 more days. Right.

But! On the scrapbook side of things, I did get a new camera recently and LOVE it. If you're in the market I've got a good recommendation. I wanted something light, an slr, and that took great photos without me doing a lot of photoshopping. I ended up with a Rebel XSi and two lenses recommended by Ali Edwards: a 50mm 1.4 and a zoom EF 28-105mm. And they are perfect for what I need!

And on a side note; the fabric for the pillow is from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Bijoux line (Sugar Mallow), and is what I ended up deciding on for the nursery. I just couldn't resist making something that I knew nobody else had for nursery crib bedding. I'll have to post updates on those photos soon too. The great ruffle pillow pattern is a freebie from Sandi Henderson. Yes, ladies and gnetlemen, I have now learned to make button holes!


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